"Catriona has worked with our Year 2 son for over a year. She has worked incredibly hard to build a strong relationship with me as a parent and of course our son who has grown to really enjoy the sessions.

Catriona comes into my son’s school once every other week to deliver his OT session. It’s worked brilliantly to have contact with his teachers  - she can discuss any current areas to work on with his teachers and also pass them feedback there and then.  

Although I don’t get to see the session take place, my son feeds back to me, as well as Catriona. She sends me a helpful message after each session along with photos of what my son has done in the session, it’s been lovely to see these.

She is always so positive and sees every challenge as an opportunity. Having three of her own children, Catriona understands the pressures of being a parent from my perspective as well as knowing how to communicate to our son well and with great interest in all he says.

We have seen our son progress so much, his core stability and co-ordination is improving due to the exercises they do together, as well as his handwriting, which is getting better with Catriona’s help and support. She’s given us some tips and things to do at home, however never pushes on homework as understands how busy life can be!  I know she makes the sessions fun and varied which helps my son to enjoy them, he does find them hard sometimes but I know they should be challenging!

Catriona is energetic, positive and empathetic, she is an excellent OT who really ‘gets it’. "


"I would like to thank you for all your hard work, effort and attention that you have given my son, as I have seen differences in him. He has definitely become more confident and gets involved with tasks in his class."